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Month: December 2017

Lifestyle & Travel

A Christmas Family Tradition – Day #17 Brumblogmas

A Christmas Family Tradition that has become something very special is one of Bauble Picking   By that, I don’t actually mean finding a tree that grows bauble, although the thought of that is really quite appealing.  I mean spending time with my daughter Millicent over the Christmas Period and sourcing the annual treasure. Unfortunately, […]

Lifestyle & Travel

Christmas Sparkles – Brumblogmas #12

Christmas Sparkles, who doesn’t love them…  A Friend of my recently commented on an Instagram post that she has a Sparkly Addiction that is out of control I think that we can all associate with this. If we are honest. Particularly during the Christmas Period. We are somewhat bombarded with glitter as soon as we […]

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Hot Chocolate. The Nations Favorite Winter Warmer

Hot Chocolate, just the thought of it transports you to another dimension. Whether that be a cozy cafe filled with Christmas Shoppers or an afternoon spent relaxing by a log fire in a country pub. I mean, what’s not to love about Hot Chocolate. And if you’re really brave and don’t mind adding a few […]


Christmas Decorations on a Budget with BrumBlogMas

Christmas Decorations are the treasure our trees adorn once a year Although December is more than dreary when it come to the Weather 🙁 Our streets are lined with copious amounts of decorations, and bright lights, that can be seen adorning our horizon. From the climbing colourful Father Christmas to the twinkling array of colour […]

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